Transmissions and Valvebodies

No one transmission build will fit everybodies needs. Building it stock is NOT an option behind the mighty Cummins. Like the rest of our products attention to detail is paramount in our transmissions and valvebodies.  All transmissions are built with quality components such as Alto Red and or Blue friction materials and Koleen Steels, Billet servos and the best Single to Five Disc Torque converters. Our Valvebodies have all new sensors solonoids with Sonnax PR valves and manual valves. To top it all off or shall we say bottom, a Mag-Hytec transmission pan to hold the life giving fluid. 
Maxtorq Diesel does manual transmissions too. We can handle the Getrag, NV 4500 and NV5600, G56 series. We are a Distributor/ Installer for SouthBend Clutch.